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Colored Contacts

Contact lenses aren’t just for seeing better. They’re for looking better too. In fact, some people who don’t even need vision correction wear tinted contact lenses as a way to change their look. Today’s tinted lenses allow you to enhance your natural eye color — making the blue bluer or the green greener — or… Read More

Soft vs. RGP Lenses

Below is a brief comparison of Soft and Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) contact lenses. A thorough eye examination and a better understanding of your specific vision requirements will help determine the best options for you. Soft Contact Lenses Advantages Greater initial comfort than hard or rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses. Shorter adaptation period for new… Read More

Teens & Contacts

Oh, the pressure! Get great grades, excel in at least one sport, play a musical instrument, work part-time, hang out with friends — and always, always look cool. If you’re a teenager today, much is expected. But what to do if suddenly you can’t make out the writing on the blackboard, you can’t see the… Read More

Lens Care Solutions

When you are fitted for contact lenses a particular lens care system is recommended — a group of products to clean, disinfect and make your lenses safe and comfortable for wear. Since different systems use different types of chemicals, it is not advisable to mix or substitute solutions from other systems. Doing so could lead… Read More

Wear & Care Tips

The information below is intended as a supplement to the training and instruction you receive as part of a contact lens fitting program. Calgary Eyecare – Bonavista Eyecare -Contact Lens Use from Derek Heck on Vimeo. How to insert your lenses Wash your hands with a mild soap, rinse completely and dry with a lint-free… Read More

Types of Contacts

Confused about contacts? Advances in contact lens technologies have created many options in addition to hard and soft lenses. Today, contact lenses are likely to be described in one or several of the following ways. By their prescribed wearing period: The time that the lenses are left in the eyes. Daily Wear (Up to 18… Read More

Contact For You?

The vast majority of people requiring vision correction can wear contact lenses without any problems. New materials and lens care technologies have made today’s contacts more comfortable, safer and easier to wear. Consider the questions and answers below to help assess whether they’re a choice you should consider. Contact lens wear may be difficult if:… Read More

Seeing Through The Convenience

With there being over a thousand progressive lens designs on the market, we understand how confusing it can be for you. We will try to explain the difference to give you better clarity. Short corridor, long corridor, hard design, soft design, digital, conventional, budget, premium, etc… No wonder our patients look confused when we explain… Read More

Progressive Lenses

In our office we use predominantly Nikon lenses. We also have access to Essilor, Hoya, Rodenstock, Sola, and Zeiss lenses. Quite often you will hear us talk about technology advances with progressive lenses. We like to explain this to you because there is a huge difference in progressive lenses 20 years ago and progressive lenses… Read More

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